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Sue Spargo

Sue Spargo's quilts make exuberant use of vibrant color, wool applique, hand embroidery, ribbons, and beads in her Folk Art inspired designs. She uses a huge range of saturated solid colors of wool, creatively mixing the colors. The lush thickness of the wool applique mixed with cottons adds depth and makes the hand embroidered stiches pop. Sue will inspire you to experiment with bits of velvet, ribbon, and beans for even more texture and interest.

We offer many of Sue's books, patterns, and even designer ribbons, so you will be sure to find a project small or large that you're sure to love. Follow the design exactly for a gorgeous piece or use it as inspiration for your own experiments in color and texture with cotton, wool, velvet, thread, ribbon, and beads.

No matter what project you choose, be sure to keep at your side a copy of the second edition of Creative Stitching. As a how-to reference guide to more than 70 gorgeous hand embroidery stitches, you'll find it a helpful guide to embroidering any and every one of Sue's projects.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)