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We live, work, and play in Michigan's upper peninsula. This area of the United States is wild and wonderful, with the natural beauty of forests and water. We get LOTS of snow every winter, and enjoy getting out in nature when time permits. 



Our goal is to give everyone the awesome service you'd expect from a local shop, with the convenience of ordering online. We are in rural Northern Michigan and many of our customers are either in rural areas themselves (and don't have a local shop to go to), or can't find what they're looking for at their local shop.   

1. We ship your order FAST & provide you with tracking information via email.

2. We package with care - your fragile quilting ruler or knitting needle will not be tossed into a cavernous cardboard box with two packing peanuts and a bag of air (if you're lucky). No, we package with care. 

3. We answer our phones ourselves to answer questions about products, take phone orders and give the best service we can.


Eva, "I wanted to say Thank You and tell you what a great job you did packaging my Philips Fiber Art 10 Degree Ruler. I was really impressed with the packaging on such an oddly shaped and fragile object."

Pam, "My replacement grid came in perfect condition! My cousin and I will be loyal customers due to your great customer service!"

Jacqueline, "Received my book today (in New Zealand) – 3 weeks before I was expecting it. Packaging was great and customer service even better."


Simple Folded Corners Quilt Ruler


Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge

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We love textiles, arts, and crafts

Founded in 2003 by Constance Petersen, Shop Smartisans began by providing unique, out of print, and hard to find quilting books to other quilters. Combining a life-long love for textile arts and crafts with previous careers in retailing and software development, Constance realized there was a larger need to be filled -- offering worldwide sales of textile arts books, videos, specialty tools, notions, and more. To meet this need, Shop Smartisans quickly expanded and evolved, and Constance's husband and business partner Lynn Torkelson joined in the fun.

We offer personal, friendly, home-town service (no matter where in the world you live)

Together, Constance and Lynn have worked to build Shop Smartisans into an online store that feels as personal, friendly and as helpful as your local quilt shop, yarn shop, craft store, etc. -- no matter where in the world you live. While we no longer offer out-of-print books, we continue to emphasize products that are hard and/or impossible to buy locally -- especially outside of major metropolitan areas. Whether you quilt, sew, knit, crochet, weave, spin, paint, print, or mix your media - we've got you covered. Browse our listings to discover an interesting selection of textile arts and crafts products -- books, videos, patterns, tools, notions, and more.